We Offer Best Radon Mitigation Solutions

Lifetime Radon Mitigation is the best opportunity to increase are life span of your place as the radon gas is not good for human and for the place itself. Its build up can harm the individuals. We can install radon mitigation system in your basement, your garage and anywhere you ask. We are providing radon mitigation services in fox valley for more than two decades. Valley Radon Mitigation systems offer the best solutions to radon related problems. We follow all the rules and regulations of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and National Radon Safety Board (NRSB). According to EPA directions, the level of any gas above the required value can be dangerous and fatal. According to EPA, if the level of radon is above 4pCi/L or above then it should be mitigated and we are at your service to do that.

Radon mitigation systems can be of various types depending on different conditions i.e. location, assembly installation and weather considerations etc. This system involves an assembly of pipes and a fan. Fan is installed to draft the radon gas form your basement. The installation processes are of four types.

In first type the system is installed during the construction of your home if you have the knowledge about radon gas but in most of the cases it is not possible because it is not amendatory that each person is aware of this gas.

In second installation system, the hole is drilled in the basement to create the path for the flow of radon gas to outer atmosphere.

The third installation system involves the much care for the living beings. In this scenario, it is advised to the members of house to remain close the windows and doors of basement so that due to pressure the gas can be removed through the piping assembly.

In fourth installation system, the floor is covered with a plastic sheet and assembly is installed to provide a channel for the flow of radon gas.

After installation of the radon mitigation system it is necessary to inspect the system seldomly. Testing can be done by DIY redon test. Another way to perform testing is electronic radon testing method in which the key instruments required are digital manometer and connecting probes. The manometer shows us the amount of the gas induced by the fan. A test is completely connected with the previous test. As the difference between the two tests can show us that how effectively our radon mitigation system is working.

We also provide the casing for fan. This casing enables to protect the fan from damaging, weather conditions etc. This casing has the flanges for tightening of screws. It also has the metallic back plate which is directly attached with wall. The whole casing ensures the positive effect on overall installation life span. During installation of radon mitigation system, we do not disregard any detail to avoid any long-term problem of our customers. The radon mitigation system is one-time investment installation.