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The Simplest way to install an operating system on an APU


Having an APU single-board-computer is pretty pointless System installed server operating system.


But getting a working system in an APU server could be a Bit more tricky than you might think.


We’ve discovered a way to install an Operating system that doesn’t involve tearing out your hair.


And it works whether That’s pfSense ®, monowall, Voyage Linux or some thing.


View my video Operating system on an APU:


How cool is that?


Create a bootable USB drive for an APU using Voyage LinuxAnd Following is a link to that step-by-step tutorial showing how to create your very own bootable USB stick:


How to create a USB drive


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server operating system


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The most easy way to install an operating system


(video transcript)


I think you’ll agree that using an APU single-board Unless you got an operating system installed computer isn’t much use.


But getting a working system on an APU server is Actually more tricky than you may anticipate.


Hi, I am Nikki, from Yawarra Tiny Computers and now I need To share with you the most easy way that we have found to obtain an operating system onto an APU.


There are four main ways to get an operating system an APU


So the APU takes three kinds of storage devices mSATA drives and SATA drives.


And there are four methods that we’ve found for Getting a working system.




The first one involves a card reader also needs four Things:


Firstly, that you have a card reader.


Second, should you pull on your box to get the storage medium out.


Thirdly, that you’re not trying to use an mSATA driveway Since that will not fit in a card reader.


And fourthly, you’re not wanting to install Voyage Linux ’cause it should be running to set up.


  1. Use another Linux system


The second strategy involves using another Linux machine.


Fundamentally you mount your storage medium as a secondary drive On your Linux machine and set up your operating system that way.


But of course that is not much use if all you’ve got is Windows machines or Macs.


And if your Linux machine doesn’t have an mSATA You and drive want to install on the mSATA drive it’s not much use either.


  1. Utilize PXE booting


The method for having a working system Entails PXE booting.


But if you Understand How to use PXE Are you doing viewing this movie? .


So you want to install an operating system on your APU You do not have a Linux system that is second, you don’t have a card reader, so you don’t want to pull your box you’re using an mSATA drive or you are attempting to install Voyage Linux.


What on earth do you do?


  1. Utilize a USB drive that is bootable


Well we think and that is where the fourth method comes from It is the easiest of the lot.


And for that you need four items: a blank, your APU board Stick, a working computer of any kind you want a picture of Voyage Linux that you install on the USB stick, and whether that’s Windows, Linux or Mac. Basically you put in Voyage Linux and make it bootable, then you plug it and use it to set up your operating system of choice.


So this last method is the easiest by far that we have found For getting an operating system onto an APU.


Follow along with our step-by-step tutorial


And as fortune would have it we’ve created a step-by-step Tutorial to take you through the procedure for making your own bootable USB stick.


And we’ve even thrown in a picture of Voyage Linux that you Can download and install onto your drive.


I will put a link in the description of this video to that tutorial.


On an APU or an easier way, let’s know in the comments.

And I’ll see you.