Real Estate Advertising Does Not Sell. You Sell

Badly designed or poorly targeted advertising costs twice as much money:

What is most important in all real estate advertising ? A good photo or a good description? I am sure that 80% of real estate agents would answer that the photos are more important.

Sorry to say that is not the case. Both are advisable , but if we have to choose, a good description of a house or a commercial premises, for example, gives a good kick to a good photo. Surprised?

In theory, all logic indicates that a good photo, or several, of a property increases the response of an ad. This is true, in part . If we publish an advertisement for a product or service that is not worth $ 80,000 full page in a newspaper or magazine, the image used, be it photography, infographic, cartoon, graphic or drawing, helps the reader to better perceive the product or service that It is offered. As long as the right image is chosen, of course.

However, in the sale of housing several photographs of a property or the infographic of a residential complex or flat housing does not influence as much as many real estate agents and some publicists believe. Not only do I say it; The famous copywriter David Ogilvy is the one who said it long before I discovered it.

In real estate advertising, a picture is worth a thousand words in most cases. Which does not mean that you should not use photographs of a property to increase the response of the ad. I try to say that a good photograph with a badly written or drafted text does not increase the response rate of an ad. Let’s analyze why.

Real Estate Advertising : Photographs + Text = Information Requests.

Is demonstrated. In real estate advertising, what attracts the right clients, which generates requests for quality information, are the good descriptions of a property indicating the benefits of this property intelligently along with the photos. The photos give quality to the text and vice versa. All these strategies are utilized by Blue World City  and has been extremely helpful in making this housing society a success.

But the photos are not going to save you an ad that is written without feeling and very similar to the rest of the ads that your potential client will read immediately after and read immediately before reading yours.

The photographs and the text are two sides of the same coin and must have quality both if you want to get requests from “qualified” customers.

Some real estate agents do not want to accept this fact, because it is easier and faster to take some photos of a property to write a simple text and upload it online as soon as possible, than to write a description of it that is attractive, intelligent and makes the potential client dream. In addition, some real estate agents ignore the real impact that photographs of a property have on the reader’s mind.

What happens to the photographs? Those of us who have invested thousands of dollars in real estate advertising know that a photograph that actually achieves is to encourage the client to read the text of the advertisement; does not encourage you to request information. Why?

Simply, because the photograph of a well-decorated kitchen, or living room , of a large terrace or a pleasant outside view, is after all a photograph where there is no movement. It is an inanimate photograph. If this photograph / s is not accompanied by a descriptive text, the advertisement loses an important part of its effect.

The photographs of real estate, those that are taken by good photographers, are attractive, but they generate that the client lets his imagination fly . Especially with those photos that are taken at an angle to make the room appear wider than it is.

As a real estate agent I have learned not to underestimate the imagination of clients when they see a photo or an infographic of a housing option e.g. a particular house for sale in rawalpindi in real estate Pakistan. Many of the objections that I have found selling real estate, have been because of the photo or the photos that appeared in the advertising, ( photos that were not altered and reflect the reality of the property). Come some amazing photos online and let your imagination fly. As there is no descriptive text, they tend to imagine what it is not and when they see the house or the apartment … “This is not what I am looking for.”

Good photos generate requests for information; no doubt. However, good photos with a text “get excited” attracts you requests for quality information. Requests that end up bought. There is the difference.

Of course, this is only experienced by real estate agents who are on the battlefield showing homes almost every day. Behind an office in an online marketing agency the real estate world is perceived differently.

That the image plays the most important role in real estate advertising , is not true. It has its role, but most importantly nothing . Capturing attention with an image of a property does not mean a request for quality information.

Real Estate Advertising and Market Studies.

There are market studies that want to prove otherwise. I would like to know how those studies were conducted that give you percentages of time spent looking at a photo and how this photo takes you to make a call to the real estate agency. Surely it was not carried out by a real estate agent after showing 20 properties that were published on the internet with photo.

My recommendation based on my experience as a seller and having put thousands of real estate ads on the internet of all sizes, colors and shapes, is not to give prominence to the images of a property and take care of its description, otherwise you will not Get good requests for information.

Without a descriptive text, you will get requests for information, but very few of them will end in a purchase. On the other hand, you will be committing or not of the fundamental mistakes that inexperienced real estate agents incur: trying to sell the property to you.

The real estate advertising does not sell. You sell The best real estate advertising to help the client to buy, (not to sell), is one that uses 1 or 2 photos as an incitement tool to read the text that accompanies this property. If you do not have a differentiating text, full of benefits, (not features), incomplete, (that causes curiosity to know more), your real estate advertising will not be effective. For very good photos you use.

Sellers like me have also done our market studies that are more expensive and effective. Expensive, because they have cost us several sales; and effective because the pain of not closing a sale has led us to analyze the reason well and try other forms of advertising that generate better final results.

Although we still don’t know what really works in real estate advertising ; If we are very clear what does not work. And one of them is to give the images or photographs more importance than they deserve.

Good Real Estate Advertising.

Good real estate advertising is not one that generates information requests only like the management of Blue World City opted for; but the one that produces calls and emails , ( forget about the whatsapp and all those bullshit) , of qualified clients who are looking to buy in your area a house similar to the one you advertise and wants to buy it soon.

What do you prefer? Ten calls and 4 visits to a property that are likely not to sell the house or 3 calls and 2 visits to the property that are likely to sell the house? It is clear what your answer would be.

Let’s see how good real estate advertising should be on real estate portals:

1.- From 4 to 6 quality photos. Two outside and 4 inside: kitchen, living room, master bedroom and one other than the bathroom. Objective: reinforce the ad text.

2.- A brief headline whose objective is to capture the reader’s attention and read the following text.

3.- A text of about 70 – 130 words that describes in 80% the benefits of the property and in 20% the characteristics of the property, (pure real estate copywriting) . Objective: create curiosity to know more

4.- A clear and brief call to action . Objective: to tell the reader what would be lost if he did not request more information and / or what he would gain by requesting more information.

For those who think they know how to write classified ads and real estate portals, tell them that an ad that does not contain a clear, brief and attractive call to action is not worth a damn. Hey! I do not say so. David Ogilvy says that he knew a lot about it.