Specs of funky suspenders

Nordic Wood, wooden bow ties like no other!

funky suspenders

Wooden bow ties, we know. But everyone has a little the same … Except Nordic Wood, which offers us (finally!) Wooden bow ties a little original!

Engraved wooden bow ties

If the lace-like cutout is not your thing, rest assured, there are also more sober models. Or not… the choice is yours! In the range of Nordic Wood bow ties, there is a series on which they preferred to engrave a pattern. From the most classic (geometric tiles or geometric patterns for example), to the craziest (anchors, Parisian monuments or I ️ Canada…), you should be able to match your bow tie rather easily on occasion! The color code for your wedding is navy blue and white? Choose the “anchors” motif! Are you going to a Legion of Honor ceremony? Come on, the woven tiles pattern will go nickel!

Some models are even engraved AND colored, if the wood color never goes with your funky suspenders!

Wooden trompe-l’oeil bow ties

Among all these beautiful objects, there is still a series that caught our eye even more. Why did she catch our eye more than the rest? Because from a distance, you could really believe that you have a good old fabric bow tie…

At Nordic Wood, they have a series of collector boxes among which there are 4 models which are not quite the same shape as the others. They are not flat on the front, and this particular cut, which allows you to play on the shadows, has its small effect from afar: you have to get close to realize that the bow tie is actually rigid!

In the classic version or in the engraved version, you can of course choose the fabric that best matches these too, and you can even opt for our favorite, the Black Walnut, with its ultra dark wood (as the name suggests… ) – good try to avoid this one with the white fabric if you get married in a black tuxedo, you would come dangerously close to the penguin effect…

The advantage of the boxes is that in addition to the wooden bow tie, you will also have, depending on the model, the matching fabric pocket to slip into your jacket, the cuff links, or the costume brooch (in more of the box to store everything of course!

And of course, Nordic Wood obviously also offers sober wooden bow ties, not engraved and not cut if you want to stay on something simple and not too flashy! Come on, get started, and be beautiful!


Whatever your body type or gender, when wearing suspenders, there are a few mistakes you should not make.

The first of these is to NEVER wear a belt with your pair of suspenders. A dual-use accessory combo that adds weight. Also prefer pants without belt loops for a more elegant look.

Finally, just like a belt, you must coordinate your suspenders with your shoes! If you wear leather moccasins, choose suspenders with leather ties of a similar color.