Real Estate UAE 2021


Dubai is the central hub for all of the Emirates as it connects every other emirate in its surroundings. The transport is easy in Dubai, not to forget the outclass infrastructure of this place. The. The user-friendly policies from the government offer unique ways to invest in the UAE. Dubai real estate is one of the trending demands of the business people already settled or are trying to step into the consumer market of Dubai. Dubai Real Estate 2021 has been at its peak, and it has been predicted that it will rise to new heights of success.

Dubai Marina was the most active area for the apartments sale for the first four months of this year. Dubai real estate department says that Dubai had 8755 new investors from January to April. In 2021 the 25500 real estate transactions having the worth of $25 billion have been recorded, which have been proved to be an increase in 52% increases in terms of volume and 72 percent of value increase as compared to the recent year 2020.according to the news published by the Dubai land department 8760 new investors have been entered to the lands of Dubai for investing their funds in the Real estate.

From the beginning of this year, 2021, and accelerating growth has been seen in real estate, which results from the competent leadership of which it has been seen that many of the investors have been attracted to the lands of Dubai. As a result of the expo 2020, it has been predicted that many of the new investors will also be coming to Dubai for investment in the real estate business later this year.

Top property developers:

Many of the top real estate developers have established their businesses in Dubai. Still, some of them have been known for a very long period as they have established their bases so that they are also collaborating with international investors. Their projects are also known across the world; some of the top developers are as follows:

Emaar Properties:

Emaar Properties is one of the most cherished property developers in the national and international market, established in 1997 and was able to successfully finish up 172 projects across Dubai. From the beginning, Emaar properties have been moving towards success day by day. Emaar properties raised the living standards and have gained a reputation in construction, innovation, and quality building .they are currently working in UAE and are one of the largest property developers on the globe. It has introduced many of the infrastructural developments across The UAE. Burj Khalifa is also one of them.

Some of the Emaar projects:

Emaar has produced many vibrant construction projects, which are uncountable, but some of them are as follows:

  • Address Downtown
  • Collective at Dubai Hills Estate
  • Dubai Marina Towers
  • Dubai Hills Estate
  • Dubai Creek Residences
  • Emerald Hills Plot II
  • Island Park 1 at Dubai Creek Harbor
  • Grande Signature Residencies
  • Saffron at Emaar South
  • Sunrise Bay at Emaar Beach Front

Dubai Properties:

Dubai properties developers are one of the major firms founded in 2002 and have completed many development projects. Some of them are still in progress, having a total number of 30 projects. They managed to construct and develop tall buildings, residential apartments, and many more. The Dubai property developers have an image of the most tremendous and exceptional property developers who have set the standards in the national and international markets.

Some of the works and developments of Dubai property developers:

Many of the developmental projects have been established by the Dubai property developers, but some of the main highlights from the works are:

Dubai cultural village:

Spread across three million square meters along the river of Dubai, here lies the Dubai properties project, portraying Dubai’s new central hub, the culture village containing the waterfront development, and the economical display of the customs and traditions. This cultural village has many residential, industrial, and retail, and business areas in which one can see the old Arabic traditions. In this village, the shine of many of the dancers, singers, and many more sources of entertainment has been offered. 

JBR (Jumeirah Beach establishment :

Jumeirah beach has been established so that this place has to offer many of the entertainment-related things one might want. This is yet another beautiful development by the Dubai developers as this place is a hub to the shopping, eating and dining to the shoreline of the Jumeirah beach .this place has many shops in which you can find a wide range of fashionable items, the homemade shops as well as any other shopping-related products. People belonging to different parts of the world have to offer you something unique related to their cultures. 

Casa Dora:

Casa Dora is a project started by the Dubai Developers of the Sarena houses. This place consists of many apartments in which they have two and three-bedroom apartments with a servant quarter starting from 1.4 million. This project has finished in the year 2020. This place has many modern-day facilities like swimming pools, laundry, and much more. This place is suitable for people who want a peaceful neighborhood and a quality life experience.

Meraas Holding: 

Founded in the year 2007, having successfully inaugurated 34 projects, Meraas Holding is one of the top real estate companies in Dubai. Dubai is a major town and the government is concentrating on its growth recently. It has been the main focus of people worldwide as it has world-class developed infrastructure, people head towards this place, live, learn, and perform many of the other activities. People here are performing small businesses, medium-sized enterprises. Also, many of the ideas proposed by the entrepreneurs have the face of their ideas in the form of a business.

Meraas property holds a great name for the sales and the management of the assets in most of the famous places of Dubai as City walk, Blue waters, Jumeirah Bay, and pearl Jumeirah. This business has many international partners who are executing modern construction projects. Meraas group has also managed to complete many of the luxury projects and developments some of them are following:


Located on the coast of the Jumeirah beach path, there lies a Jumeirah bay island that creates the Meraas properties. It has an area of 6.4 million square feet of the huge seashore. There are many residences, and many extra activities are there too, including residencies, villas, shops, and many more. A five-star Bulgari hotel is also constructed there, having 198 rooms including 20 luxury villas.

Villa Amalfi:

It’s a group of fantastic homes surrounding the heart of Jumeirah Bay; the view is spectacular from the roof as it shows the beach and the Dubai skyline, which makes it a great spot for those who like the best view of nature. Also, this place has accommodation schemes for two; three, four and five persons .this place has a built-in supermarket. This place is super close to the Dubai international airport, having a distance of 15 kilometers and has a distance of 5 kilometers from the central district of Dubai. This place is among one of the most developed places in Dubai, which is feasible for all people.

Boost in the Real Estate business may seem appealing to you; if you are interested in investing your money in purchasing, selling, and renting the real estate in Dubai, you have to connect with the professionals already performing business activities in Dubai. Ensure that things might work according to your expectations; you have to register a real estate company in Dubai. For which you will have to follow the following procedure:

Planning your legal business type and structure: 

First of all, the essential step towards the establishment and registration of the company is that you have to decide the activities you want to perform, and the company’s structure will also be arranged. You have to clear out what type of real estate business you are offering, whether they are the broker, leasing or buying, or selling the property. Limited Liability Company and the sole proprietorship are the two available options to opt from.

  • Establish a business that a person owns himself.
  • A limited liability company which two or more people own.
  • The Company may be a branch of a foreign company.

You can select any specific business structure, but you have decided to register as an LLC for some reason. It would help if you had to partner with the Dubai national, who will hold 51% of your company shares, and a great of the 49% will belong to you.

Registering a trading name:

After deciding the company’s structure, you have to think of the name of your company, choose a decent name to avoid irrespective and abusive naming, and avoid copying the names of the other real estate business. You can also take help from Adgeco Group.

Obtaining approvals: 

After selecting your company’s name and obtaining the trade license, you will now proceed further, and you can now apply for further steps and approvals. Additional approvals can be taken by the Municipality of Dubai or Abu Dhabi real estate agency in Abu Dhabi. In every emirate, the applying person must train from the Municipality of Dubai or Abu Dhabi and take a government permit from the Regulatory agency. After all of this, you have to submit all of your documents to the economic development department.

Local partner: 

After all of the steps we have mentioned above, now is the best time to hire a person who will guide you to the further steps depending on your demands and the best suitable options available for you as he will guide you better and perform all of the other tasks for you because he will be familiar with all of the government and nongovernment agencies.

Getting started: 

The first thing you should do is meet the local or pre-existing personals in the real estate business and tell them the ideas you are having in your mind. They will guide you and will tell you the feasibility of the ideas you want to implement. After meeting them and taking their advice, you should now move on to the newspapers and the local data available, which shows the response of the market and the customers. As far as the online information is concerned, most of the data is false, but still, you have to look for a reliable resource. Gathering all of this information will help you out to plan your business more accurately.

The E-government Services: 

Dubai has made business easier now and is helping out the interested investors in many ways. Anyone can do business in Dubai now, but one has to possess a good amount of savings and a good idea of what he wants to do in Dubai. The UAE government has introduced Electronic government services to apply for a visa, or the registration of their company for the registration of Ejari certificate or the tenancy contract through an electronic online process, which is an excellent step towards a better future business establishment all across the UAE. Adgeco Group is one of the best companies in the UAE who are providing fast business setup services in the UAE. Mohamed Dekkak, Chairman and Founder of Adgeco Group has put all the facilities on the fast track to provide all kinds of business-related services with ease. You just have to provide your documents and the rest of the Adgeco Group will take care. Mohamed Dekkak has successfully established real estate funds to invest in Dubai and achieved good ROI in townhouses and seafront, expecting good growth with the start of Expo 2020 Dubai.

Dubai’s real estate market is changing drastically day by day. The rates and the rents are changing within the blink of an eye. If you want to be known as a successful real estate company in Dubai, you must have to be one step ahead of everyone in your competition; you should keep yourself updated with all of these changes anytime.

As a businessman it’s your responsibility that you have to think like the customers or try to keep yourself in their place and try to judge their requirements, what they need nowadays. If you can read the mind and the customers’ needs, your business will rise to a new height of success. You should know your market and the connection between the market offerings and the customers’ demand for how and what sort of services they want; if you can understand this rule of demand and supply, you can have a good business and a decent client base.


The Dubai real estate market is huge enough to serve many successful businesses, the real businessman is the one who understands the inns and the outs of the market as well as the consumer behavior, and real estate is also one of the trending businesses in Dubai. The little ideas often are the base of the greater changes. In the year 2021, it is expected that the real estate business will be improved and will provide more client base than in the past few years.

Himesh Kapoor