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Custom Cigarette packaging – design it yourself

Cigarette boxes are generally rectangular in shape with an opening top lid. A Cigarette is basically a roll of paper with dried tobacco leaves inside. There are many types of cigarettes. Cigarette packs can also be customized as a person wills with any design that reflects their personality. Custom cigarette packaging has become a new trend now. Cigarette has become a habit. It might be a reward for doing something, or someone might automatically have a cigarette with their morning coffee.

Why do people smoke cigarettes?

Many people out there start to smoke when they’re in their teens. To cope with the negative feelings and emotions like depression or anxiety or to push the boundaries or take a risk because they’re in their teenage and others smoke to alleviate some of the symptoms they experience

Smoking might be a way to manage stress. Like the pressure of work, financial issues or troubles with friends and family. Smokers think that it might boost their concentration and help them to focus.

Why is smoking addictive?

Cigarettes contain nicotine. The physical body of a smoker becomes addictive to nicotine over time. So, when a smoker finishes a cigarette, the body craves for another. The cravings are not satisfied easily, and the more you pay attention to them, the more you crave for a certain thing like smoking. The smoker might feel irritated, stressed, or even anxious if they are unable to get another cigarette. These are the negative feelings that make a smoker powerless over the temptations. It’s a brutal cycle, indeed. Smoking isn’t the only way to deal with negative emotions.

Disadvantages of smoking:

  • Smoking cigarettes causes most cases of lung cancer. If you have asthma, then the smoke of tobacco can trigger an attack or make your situation worst. Smokers most probably die from COPD than the one who does smoke. The lungs of the person can be very badly affected by the smoke of tobacco.

    Cigarette Packaging Boxes Wholesale

  • Colds cough, asthma, and wheezing and are just the beginning. 84% of deaths are caused by lung cancer, and 83% of deaths from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). Smoking damages your heart and your blood circulation. Long-term damages of smoking include brain damage, yellowing of white eyes, tooth decay, nose cancer, eye cataracts, macular degeneration, tongue, lips, mouth, etc.

The habit of smoking can be defeated and beaten with healthier, better habits. Once a smoker abandons the habit of smoking, they can realize many other ways that can help them can cope. Techniques like meditation, deep breathing, and relaxation are found to be very effective. Just a little more exercise, a balanced and healthy diet, and persistence would definitely lead to betterment.

Despite all the disadvantages, people buy this toxic material. Not only that but they would also love to have their own appealing packaging. Custom Cigarette packaging nowadays is a priority for a smoker. An attractive box, special material, skilled designing makes a smoker proud to be one.