Dubai Expo 2020

6 Exciting Things about the World Expo 2020

Dubai is ready to welcome millions of people at the Dubai Expo 2020 that will start in October 2020. The event will end in April 2021 leaving a significant impact on the economy of Dubai. In November 2013, they announced that Dubai is going to be the next host for the world expo. It is the world’s biggest exhibition that is held every five years. The six-months-long event will welcome more than 120 nations from all over the world. They will come to share ideas and showcase innovations. It is a festival for all where everyone can learn, innovate, progress and have fun.

Themes and sub-themes:

Dubai received the majority votes and won the opportunity to host the world expo 2020 Dubai. Eight cities were competing to win maximum votes to host the event. But this time Dubai was lucky enough to grab the opportunity. Dubai announced its victory at the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa. The city selected the theme:

“Connecting minds, creating the future’.

The festival has three subthemes that are:

  • Opportunity:

The Expo 2020 is providing opportunities for the individuals and communities to shape their future.

  • Mobility:

The world expo is creating a more productive movement of people, ideas, innovations, and goods.

  • Sustainability:

The mega exhibition is going to ensure a sustainable future for all.

Exciting things about expo:

The world expo Dubai 2020 is going to kick off in October 2020. The event will end in April 2021, and there will be a lot of entertainment, presentations, and giveaways. Dubai has already started the preparations to welcome millions of people. Most of the projects have been completed, and the remaining will be completed soon. Nations coming from all over the world will share their information, knowledge, ideas, and innovation with the world. The visitors will have fun during the exhibition.

Let’s check a few exciting things about the world expo 2020:

  1. The first world expo was held in London in 1851 to showcase industrial innovations.
  2. The next exhibition was held after four years in Paris, and three innovations were introduced to the world that includes the singer’s sewing machine, lawn mower, and Moore’s washing machine.
  3. Dubai Expo 2020 is going to have its metro station. The metro will take the passengers in and from the location within 14 minutes.
  4. The area of the site of the exhibition is 4.38 kilometers that is greater than the expo 2015’s site.
  5. More than 120 nations are going to take part in the mega event and each country will have its pavilion.
  6. 25 million people will visit Dubai during the world expo 2020.

Business engagement:

There will be a lot of exciting, fun activities at the exhibition. But most importantly, the event will be great for the economy of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. The city believes that the small and medium-sized companies are going to be the future of business so, it will be an excellent opportunity for SME’s to present themselves. Since the announcement of hosting the event, Dubai is working on various projects of Dubai Expo 2020.

They have built a new city where all the activities will be held. The opening and closing ceremony will be exciting and fun to watch. People are expecting to see some astonishing innovations as well. For example, umber has a plan to test the flying cars which will be a historical moment to watch. The expo has generated employment as well. The effects of the exhibition on the economy of Dubai will last longer.