If I was a girl I used to brush my hair 100 times a Day to make it shiny — I did not realize over brushing wasn’t great for it, hi endings. Then when I was in college, I glanced my hair since it felt too thick and I do not need anyone together with thinning shears coming into my mind today — after all, even thicker hair really is what it’s all about!


I that Promotes hair growth and prevents breakage that is less including hair sprays, conditioners, and serums to encourage my own hair follicles to maintain producing hair that is healthy . I used to prevent massaging my hair to give it a rest from heat damage but then my hair could be quite so horizontal — boo.



So could I must trade off hair damage for hair volume? Not so with all the new Panasonic nanoe™ hair drier — and that means it is possible to dry hair without drying it out, it attracts back moisture into your hair while drying — and the Quick-Nozzle helps hair quicker. The technology that is nanoe infuses hair with moisture while – making hair shinier, smoother and less prone to damage from brushing!


Anyone else sing in their hairbrush like a mike? If You are wondering exactly what I signed to it had been Justin Bieber, naturally.


Wholesome HAIR PANASONIC’S AND TIPS NEW NANOE TECHNOLOGY is available at select Target shops. It includes concentrator for styling — quick-dry, three nozzles, and the diffuser for curly or wavy hair. It’s 1875 watts and has 2 speed settings and 3 temperatures without fretting about hair damage, like the cool button.Now you’ll be able to blow-dry — you understand you aren’t damaging your hair, sing with your favorite tunes and understand! Take a look at the Panasonic nanoe™ Hair Dryer available at Target stores!


The Panasonic EH-NA98 is original, second and a hairdryer, uses Dual and nanoe Mineral Ion technology that Panasonic maintains keeps moisture in the air circulation and nourishes hairfollicles.


Whether those are lived around by the Panasonic EH-NA98, we set out to see ‘scientific’ claims or if it simply another pricey hairdryer. We enlisted GadgetGirl — a Dyson Supersonic convert — to utilize the device over several weeks (because that is the length of time it takes to find a difference).


A model — technology is also used by that the EH-NA65 But lacks the Panasonic EH-NA98’s double and hardness vitamin ION tech.


Panasonic EH-NA98


Australian Site


Price: $349


Warranty back to Panasonic


Exactly what the hell would be nanoe?


I don’t really know, and Chemistry was a powerful Lawsuit (admittedly over 40-years ago). But Panasonic is a reputable company that can’t afford to make outlandish claims.


I think nanoe (deliberate misspelling) is Panasonic’s Marketing duration to set it apart from the multitude of different manufacturers of hairdryers, air conditioners, water filters etc., that also maintain nanotechnology.


The explanation is nanoe means Water that is atomised contamination. It applies a high voltage charge for 6000um (6 million nanometres) airborne water particles and divides them into nanoe 5-20nm particles. A human hair is roughly 50-180um (fine to rough — typically 60-70um).


The concept is that by hammering the water It may moisturize scalp and hair .


Is Dual Mineral


You might have discovered that some hairdryers use ions. Well, Panasonic has as numerous utilizing two zinc electrodes that produce unwanted ions.


double mineral


Is that this technology was developed by Panasonic At 2001 (ionity)’to deliver beneficial ions to hair while drying’. From what we can discover negative ions keep the hair shaft shut (hair shafts are made up of scales), and you can use lower temperatures to dry it.


So, you have two technologies — the first Also the second to empower lower temperature and hair drying. In principle, this combo shouldn’t result in frizzy hair — smooth and shiny and can decrease heat damage.


That we could find to encourage to do so. One Panasonic study claims that drying time is reduced by ions by around 20% over a non-ion dryer.

Whether the Panasonic EH-NA98 lives up to the promises, let us see (in the site )


Split with split ends — I did not notice any difference, But then I do not suffer from that. The cure for split ends is hair remedy that is appropriate and regular cutting . I suspect the claim relates.


Fight frizz — my hair is straight, so frizz is not An issue. It did make my hair shiny and bouncy


Infuses your locks with moisture subjectively, The nanoe appeared to moisturise hair


Mineral Ions penetrate deep From inside. I can’t prove the hair really is any more moisturized although the Panasonic is faster at drying. I doubt the promise as hair is lifeless and ions cannot nourish it! Let’s call that assert’lost in translation.”


The sensor adjusts continuously to Reduce heat Damage