bail and a bond

The consequences of missing a bail

A lot of are in a state of confusion on what would be the difference between bail and a bond. A bail means a legally binding agreement which states that at a time set up the court you will turn up for proceedings. This means you gave bail to a person who can go outside a jail but a pending trial. If they fail to turn up they would be skipping bail. This can pave the way to numerous serious conditions.

Forfeiting and revocation of the bail would occur

To start off the first thing that might happen would be the revocation of the bail. In all like a hood, they would be shown the door to jail and might be there till the time of the next court hearing. Then it comes to the forfeiture of the bail amount. This means that the cash you set up by a bail bondsman the court goes on to take it. The court could still give the money back if the defendant provides a valid excuse for having prone to skipping bail.

The court would go on to issue a warrant to a person who has gone on to skip bail. This warrants an individual to be subject to arrest and he has to be in jail. Any individual who does appear to be caught in this manner has to go over to jail in an immediate manner. There does appear to be a federal database in place by which the police are aware of this type of people in their area. There are statutory obligations with such warrants and they go on to last for a longer period of time.

At times if the situation warrants you can even go on to seize collateral. The court would go on to seize the property if the defendant fails to return back to court. This means that a family member who has gone on to given their area or property might risk losing it. The chances are also high that there could be legal proceedings against the co-signee in order to recover the principal amount of the bail. At a certain point in time, the bail bondsman can even go on to track a defendant. The fugitive recovery agents are masters in this field and they promise a timely recovery in the shortest time frame possible. The agents do locate someone and this they do till the point they have to retain that person to custody. But at the same time, all bondsman do not have such facilities.

The court could also levy charges in terms of money who goes on to jump bail. To start off this charge could be a person who fails to jump from bail. The charges in terms of obstruction of justice could be other points in this scenario as well. Apart from this, there could be a situation where a person plans to skip bail. For example, they could purchase tickets to another destination.