The Simple Fact of Wireless Charging: Bad Or Good For Smartphone Batteries?

Without a smartphone individuals can not live in 2019. It’s no doubt that a few things are more worried than seeing phone’s battery gradually drain, and worrying about whether it will be made by the battery through the day. This anxiety will vanish when the battery is recharged.

Even though it’s suited to see our battery life at 100 percent, the concept of carrying plug & charging cable or a power bank constantly is truly a burden for us. We can only suffer the pain of drain.

However, with Wireless Charging, the battery life will be an issue for us. Either through technology within the phone or a wireless charging confirmed phone case, you just leave your phone onto a charger that is wireless and see the battery meter rise. No attachment required!

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How dose wireless charging function?

In fact, wireless charging has been invented for almost 200 years. From the 19th century, the genius Nikola Tesla found that power could be transmitted via the air in a field.

However, this technology has not been widely utilized in the previous 100 decades. Because they need to construct a coil to achieve wireless charging.

But in the year of 2006, scientists in MIT devised a wireless charging technologies — resonance charging, it managed to transmit a lot of power. This proved to be better for industrial demand, and it turned out to be a significant step for inductive charging.

Wireless Charging normally uses an electromagnetic field to transport energy for your device from charger.

This movie explains how electromagnetic induction functions.

Currently there are basically 3 kinds of charging.

Radio Charging
This is actually the first generation of wireless charging technology and hardly be used for today. Energy is transferred by it . The apparatus recipient has to be exactly the exact same frequency as the radio transmitter, this type of wireless charging just suits for a device with low power consumption. Then convert the energy into electrical current to control your battery. When you want charging with this technology, you put your mobile on the charger that is wireless. It improves your life quality with convenience.

Resonance Charging

Resonance is the newest wireless charging technologies, it can output a significant amount of power for your car, computer, etc..
Wireless charger and device each have a single copper coil. The apparatus can get energy when both coils operate at the same frequency that is perceptible. It’s also the most efficient way and charging speed is up to 20W now, faster than charging.
With the development of 5G, more and more smart devices can be connected with the web. Can you picture you need to charge your smartphone, watch, earbuds, glasses separately? This would be inconvenient. But with one wireless charging pad, you can solve all charging issues. Sounds great, right?

There are various companies are dedicated to wireless charging sector now. Such as 8Bluethey provide several amazing wireless chargers such as Apple, Android, and Car. You can find one suits for you.

Is wireless charging bad for my smartphone?

Wireless Charging technology was devised many people fretting about our phone’s battery will be damaged by it, for nearly 200 decades. Generally speaking, wireless charging fees your smartphone as same as the charging.

Wireless charger utilizes a coil then by transmitting the magnetic power to electrical 29, current will be generated by the receiver coil into your mobile. If you do not worry about plugging in your phone many times a day by wired cable, then there is not any necessary you have to be concerned about leaving your phone on a wireless charger.

This technology will become more and more popular as more and more mobile phone makers use technology charging on their flagship models.

Typically, freedom is meant by wireless charger. From your desk, not only remove cables for example, but also allow you to charge your phone without any additional attachments.

Is it bad to maintain all the time to my smartphone fully charged?

There is a little”drawback” of wireless charging, so that your phone can keep fully charged all of the time. It’s really useful for our life, but can it damage my smartphone ?

Some people believe that wireless charging will shorten their smartphone’s battery’s lifespan. Is it true?

To begin with, it is likely that charge phone all the time will accelerate the decrease of this battery.

“Charging your telephone so it stays at 100 percent immediately is not fantastic news for the battery, but that’s not because you are cramming in more cost than it can handle.
A’trickle charge’ mechanism cuts off the charger after the phone has attained 100 percent charge, and just tops up the battery when it drops down a little.
The problem is that you are maintaining the charge level at 100% that, as we know from the prior fantasy, puts the battery under a certain amount of strain”
According to expert, Kent Griffith from the University of Cambridge, the telephone battery manufacturers have added the injury is prevented by BMS technologies in the battery from charging. Without the BMS system overcharging your telephone will kill the battery in a month or two. Let alone smartphone program program prevents our telephone from being overcharged.

Maintaining your smart phone”topped off” all of the time may not be”good”, but it would not damage your battery life.

According to business research, battery lifetime increases by four times when the depth of discharge — or the amount that the battery is drained — is limited to 50 percent, rather than 100 percent.

Between the ease of battery life and charging, I’d select the convenience. Regardless of charging customs, batteries ought to be replaceable and are consumable.

It is rather simple to modify a phone battery or have someone do it for you for about 20$ (for iPhone is a little bit longer. If you experience an AppleCare extended warranty, then it’s free).An extra $20 to get a few years of convenience? That’s your call.

The Very Best way to charge your smartphone

There are many factors that can affect the lifespan of the battery, for example:

Keep smartphone battery at 55-65% will find the maximum life out of your battery life.
Battery drain to below 50% will decrease its lifespan.
Some Apps keep running in the background will have more harm than any other factors.
Battery life will decrease at high temperatures or in Sunlight
In conclusion, following these suggestions will extend your battery life.

It is really bad that depart your smartphone charging in sunlight
Shut down apps that run in the background for no reason
It’s better for your cellphone’s battery charged between 50 to 80 percent
Leaving your smartphone on wireless charger won’t hurt the battery. It May extend its lifespan
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