funky makeup bags

funky makeup bags for every one

Maintaining all your beauty products in order is no easy job, which is why proper storage is key. A makeup bag that is fantastic will do all of the work for you by protecting from spills, having compartments for all of your favorite items and keeping your face oils upright.


When we say there is a makeup bag for everyone By TSA-friendly clear pouches to lock and essential hardtops, trust us. Be sure none of your goods and snag one of these organization helpers are left behind if you jet off to another getaway.


Here are our selections of the makeup bags.


Best Dagne Dover Big Hunter Neoprene Toiletry Bag


That is like the Mary Poppins of makeup bags–just once you think it can’t fit another thing, it will. Additionally, it appears to have storage and hidden compartments for days. There’s a mesh pocket with three elastic loops to hold things such as roller odor your lip balm, or razor. On the other side are two removable pouches (one shaped like a pencil case, for your brush, and the other just like a little Ziploc) in which you can save items that might easily get lost (we are looking at you, hair elastics) or things you may not want getting mixed up at the larger funky makeup bags . The case itself is insulating material and shock-absorbent–because we all know our bag is treated with care.


Best Budget: Sonia Kashuk Dual Zip Train Case Makeup Bag

The quantity of space and business inside this train case makes it a serious bang for your buck. T


funky makeup bags

he top zipper opens with a mesh zipper pocket along with eight loopholes that are elastic and tucked away. The base zipper compartment is nice and roomy to house all of your cosmetics and skincare essentials. Topped off with an easy to carry handle, this makeup case is ready to go whenever you are.


You love makeup or whether you’re a professional makeup artist, this makeup organizer is the ideal match for you. Once opened, there are 3 levels to this beauty case. The first two levels on each side are more shallow and perfect for holding eyeshadows, lipsticks, and brushes while the largest compartment at the base is nice and roomy for every one of the bigger items like base, moisturizers, and hairbrushes. Lock it up using the added key and lock to be sure no one gets their hands on your attractiveness stash when you are not usin


g it.

This situation reminds us of this three-ring binders we would get in elementary school with the various pouches for our pens and mark –just for the beauty products rather. This case looks like it may hold a notebook but open the zipper pouch to locate your ultimate beauty organizer. On each side are plastic, waterproof zipper pockets (one of which is removable) whereas the centre houses two detachable, mesh zipper components.

Maintain your makeup brushes directly where you would like them–and away from whatever you don’t want them with this handy roll-up case. Together with 12 pocket spaces (in varying sizes), together with a flap that protects the bristles, we can bet that your brushes have never been organized as they will be in this pouch. Slide them roll up them and secure them round the included zipper pouch that could carry all of your everyday essentials to keep everything in one place and ready to go.

Talking of brushes, take a look at our list of this best base brushes to grow your makeup bag.


Best Layout: Relavel Travel Makeup Train Case:


Layout your cosmetics bag you like it. This makeup case comes with removable tiles that enable you to add and remove to build as many or as few compartments as you’d like. There is also a zipper pocket plus three pouches to maintain all of your brushes using a flap to cover up the bristles so they don’t touch anything else or make your bag cluttered.


Finest Lightweight: Herschel Supply Co..


You do not want your cosmetics bag adding additional pounds If you’re currently carrying the burden of your beauty goods. This nylon case, although super durable (it utilizes ripstop technology), is almost as light as a plastic grocery store bag–in the easiest way possible. We enjoy it can be easily complete or collapse to create more space on your luggage, while we love that it doesn’t add some weight to your own haul. Additionally, there is a place inside waiting for your title on itliterally.



Made with worth of silicone, this elastic makeup bag isn’t just water resistant, but it’s also heat resistant. The inside is roomy enough to hold all your essentials and little enough to fit in your everyday bag without taking up too much space. Plus, the fun shape and color helps when you’re trying to find it in a 22, it stand out. The exterior can be cleaned with an alcohol swab and the interior can be wiped out with a damp cloth