Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker Variety and Features

Cuisinart ICE-20One of the great features shared by Cuisinart ice cream maker models is that they offer wonderful diverse options. They come in price ranges to suit any budget, any size family, and anyone’s preference for taste and style of preparation.

You can buy a fully automated Cuisinart ice cream maker, for example, or one that cranks the old fashioned manual way. Some people like to experience the traditional way of making it all by hand, cranking out their ice cream. Meanwhile others are all about the time and labor saving modern convenience of a machine that you just plug in and let it do all the work for you. Cuisinart makes some fully automatic ice cream makers, for instance, that will produce a quart and a half of delicious homemade ice cream in as little as just 20 minutes. That means that if you’re preparing a simple fast meal on the stove you can set up your Cuisinart when you start cooking. By the time you’re finished and ready to serve your family your fresh ice cream will also be ready for dessert.

Of course we now live in the era where so many gadgets are hybrids. Even our cars come in hybrid versions that run on either gas or electricity. So it may not surprise you to learn that Cuisinart also has some fantastic hybrid ice cream makers in its lineup and inventory. The way these work is that you can is that they have an electric mechanism to keep the stirring going in a smooth and steady fashion. But they also offer you a hand cranking option. So when you want to let the machine provide the high torque generated by a motor you have that capability – or you can do it the old timey way with the hand crank. The choice is yours. Maybe you want to whip up a batch in a hurry for some unexpected visitors, so you can let the machine do the job. But perhaps your children are having a party and they want to share the fun with their friends of taking turns working the crank. In that case your hybrid machine lets them do it the way their great grandmother used to do back in the old days before we had electric ice cream machines.

Cuisinart Ice Cream MakerOther features found on a this model include such things as superior double-insulated freezer bowls. Cuisinart models are user-friendly, too, and clean up quickly and easily. You can use your ice cream maker to churn delicious, made-from-scratch ice cream without having to add salt, ice, or messy chemicals to the machine. Some have a built-in topping dispenser, too, and that makes it a cinch to serve ice cream with all your favorite toppings.

But that’s not all. Cuisinart offers you affordable machines that also make soft serve ice cream, yogurt, and sherbet right in your own kitchen. You just toss in the ingredients for the recipe, turn the machine on, and soon you have dessert. Removable parts make it easy to clean up afterwards, and Cuisinart also supplies its customers with recipes, full instructions, and reliable and reassuring consumer warranty.

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