Cheats of Call of Duty: Ghosts for PS3


There are two ways to unlock Extinction mode, in which we face aliens.

The first is to play campaign mode at the normal difficulty level or higher, and complete the first four missions. Then Extinction mode will be activated in the main menu.

The second is to reach level 5 in the game’s multiplayer mode.


To unlock the ghillie suit – the camouflage one – in multiplayer, choose weapon challenges, search for Chrome Barrel Master if it’s active. If it isn’t, go to Operations and spend a Squad point to get new challenges. Repeat the process until you unlock the desired tft item cheat sheet. Complete it and you will have this appearance.



Spatial Perception
Kill your first enemy in the

Wall of Freedom game campaign
Melt down the two attack helicopters

Fuck, Riley!
Swoop down on 10 enemies while controlling Riley.

Nothing is wasted.
Every shot with the sniper shot with a person or vehicle.

Start the beast
Machine gun with the A-10 to 50 enemies.

It came from below!
Kill 6 enemies with your knife while underwater in “Legends Never Die”

The Sleeping Beauty
Kill the guy sleeping in the upside-down rappel section

Facial Carbon Footprint
Catch the copier with your face

Burn, burn!
Destroy 80

Jungle Ghosts fuel containers
Finish the mission without breaking stealth

Deep Freeze
Throw 8 vehicles into holes in the ice

Complete the console section on the first attempt

David and Goliath
Take down the warship on the first attempt

One Piece of Gear
Kill 5 enemies undetected before infiltrating the black zone

Destroy 21 slot machines

You’ve run out of rope
Cut a grappling rope with an enemy in it

Remote Control Take down
helicopters with remote control missiles ( 3 of 3)

They look like ants
Destroy all enemy ground targets and do not kill any ally with the bars.

Tickets, please
Shoot the guys who board the train to throw them by the sides

Get all 18 Rorke files

No one is left
Escape with the 4 players

Arrives to the extraction helicopter with 1 minute and 30 seconds or more left on the clock

I came out alive
Escape the first time

Complete all the challenges and escape

The bloody cabin
Reach the

Urbanite cabin
Reach the city

By all means
Kill 50 aliens with electric fences and fire traps in one game

Garbage Collector
Collect 40 items in one game

Complete round 20 in Safeguard

Ghost Tales
Escape. Complete “Ghost Stories” on any difficulty.

A New World
Meet at Fort Santa Monica. Complete “A New World” on any difficulty.

No Man’s Land
Reach San Diego. Complete “No Man’s Land” on any difficulty.

Knocked Down
Find Ajax. Complete “Knocked Down” on any difficulty.

Defend Los Angeles. Complete “Homecoming” on any difficulty

. Legends Never Die
Hunt Almagro. Complete “Legends Never Die” on any

Federation Day difficulty.
Get information on Rorke. Complete “Federation Day” on any difficulty.

Birds of Prey
Capture Rorke. Complete “Birds of Prey” on any difficulty.

The Hunted
Escape alive. Complete “The Hunted” on any difficulty.

Hacks the system. Complete “Clockwork” on any difficulty

Atlas drops
Distract the Federation fleet. Complete “Atlas Falls” on any difficulty.

Destroy the enemy ship. Complete “Into The Deep” on any difficulty

End of Journey
Storm the factory. Complete “End of the Journey” on any difficulty

Sin City
Plan your next step. Complete “City of Sin” on any difficulty.

All or Nothing.
Gather the troops. Complete “All or Nothing” on any Difficulty

Broken Ties
Destroy Federation satellites. Complete “Broken Ties” on any difficulty.

Take over the enemy space station. Complete “Loki” on any difficulty.


Pan Eaten
Assault the Common Room and kill them all without taking any damage on Veteran difficulty.

The Hunter of Ghosts
Face Rorke. Complete “The Ghosts Hunter” on any

Accelerated Escape difficulty
Escape using a relic

You’ve earned it
Earn the mask. Complete the campaign in Federated

Platinum Veteran mode. Get all other trophies in the game.