Caring and Healing Techniques for Avoiding Tree Pests

The techniques used for avoiding tree pests are known as the preventive care methods, which are implemented before the tree is infected. In some cases they are also meant to prevent the recurrence of diseases from pests during the healing time. These techniques can be implemented through chemical control, biological control and cultural control methods. When the intensity of infection is in critical stage, you may need to opt for stump removal. Chronic stage of pest infected disease calls for the professional services of tree removal Dallas for ensuring safety of people and property near the tree surroundings.

Techniques of Avoiding Tree Pests

  • Chemical control is a method in which you need to use pesticides. Many of them have chemical and synthetic elements based ingredients. You may need to use insecticides, miticides, fungicides or bactericides, depending on the type of pest attack. Though it is claimed that chemicals are harmful, practical experience shows that they are not always hurting and not all the species get hurt.  For example the bactericides kill the different types of bacteria which affect the tree parts. In some cases they might also end up killing the natural rivals of the bacteria. This may result in uncontrolled growth of bacteria, if few of them were to survive the chemical control methods in the first application.
  • Biological control is a method by which natural foes of the pests are allowed to thrive in the region where the probability of pests exists. This is known as the natural method of control. No chemicals are used. However you need to take care while selecting the natural foes of the pests so that they don’t end up damaging the tree by causing unknown types of diseases which might be tough to cure.
  • Cultural Control is a method by which you select only those types of trees which are resistant to the most commonly occurring pests in your region. Another technique of tree care is to plant “dummy” trees which can attract the pests to save the main trees from infections. However this technique may not work in all the cases. One more technique is to enhance the resistance power of the tree by feeding organic nutrients. This technique is said to be successful to a considerable extent.

Stump Removal Techniques of Tree Care

Some parts of the tree connected to the stumps may get critically affected by pest infected diseases. At this stage the only way might be to opt for stump removal to save the tree from certain death. But this has to be done after consultation with an arboriculture/tree care specialist. He will be able to identify the right method and implement it in such a way that the disease doesn’t spread to the other parts. At the same time this technique prevents any serious damages to the tree stump.

When to Call Tree Removal Dallas

When the pest infected disease has reached a chronic stage and spread to the roots. It might be irreparable. In such a stage you need to call for the services of Tree removal Dallas to safeguard other trees from being infected and to avoid personal and property damages from tree fall.